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Sep 012015

As part of my studies in college I had to take a course in advertising.  I learned a lot about the methods and logic of marketing.  I also learned there are good sides and bad sides of the business.

One of the bad sides I discovered, as many folks have, is that sometimes advertising can be so powerful that we are convinced we need something when we really don’t.  If it’s “packaged” right we believe we need it.

I read an article recently that emphasized the notion that it pays to advertise. It went on to ask, “Did you know that there are 25 mountains in Colorado higher than Pikes Peak which few people could name?  So, why then, do we know so much about Pikes Peak?  Answer: Advertising.

We also learned there are two basic ways of advertising a product: 1) Using various media such as TV, radio, newspapers, etc., and, 2) Word-of-mouth.  This entails one person telling others, person to person or small group, about a product or service they like…or not!  So it probably won’t come as a surprise that those in the business agree the most effective, by far, is word-of-mouth.

Have you ever wondered about the best method of “advertising” in order for people to come to know Jesus Christ?  You guessed it – word-of-mouth.  This is not to say other forms do not work to a certain, limited extent, but nothing even comes close to the influence of sharing one-on-one.  It’s near impossible to overestimate the power of one person telling another person they have found the answer to all of life through a personal relationship with the God Who created the universe, through His Son Jesus Christ.

We can read it in a book, in a tract, on a billboard or facebook, or hear the message on TV, radio, or the internet, but when the message of Jesus becomes flesh though another human being, it becomes much more real and a lot more powerful.

I believe this is why Jesus called us to be evangelists, which doesn’t mean we have to have the gift of preaching evangelistically in order to share the Good News.  All we’re required to do is share what Jesus has done for us.  It’s that simple.

Like one elderly man said, “Sharing your faith is one beggar telling another beggar where to find bread.”  What a great way to advertise the Bread of Life!