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Feb 032015

Did you know you are of more value than you may think?  Out of all of God’s creations He values you and me more than anything else.  In fact, it doesn’t matter where you rate on the world’s popularity chart because God’s says, “I love you with an unfailing, unconditional love.”

Bob had a friend named Ken who happened to mention a time or two that he knew some pretty important people.  “If you’re such a person in the know, why don’t you get on the phone and call the President?” asked Bob.

“Okay,” said Ken.  He punched in a phone number and in a few seconds someone answered the phone.  “Hello, this is the President,” said the familiar voice on the other end.

Of course, Bob thought it was a trick.  “Okay, that was impressive,” quipped Bob.  “Now why don’t you just get Buckingham Palace on the line and let me talk to the Queen?”

Ken went back to the phone and dialed a number then handed the phone to Bob.  “Hello,” said the distinctive voice on the other end, “This is the Queen of England speaking.”

Bob was impressed but still very suspicious.  “All right, you maybe happen to know the President and the Queen, but if you’re really such a big shot then you’ll get the Pope on the phone.”

“I’ll do better than that,” said Ken.  “Come with me.”

They drove to the airport and flew to the Vatican.  Bob soon found himself standing in a throng of people in St. Peter’s square while Ken disappeared for a few minutes.

Before Bob could recover from all this the crowd suddenly became silent as they all stared at the balcony where Ken and the Pope were standing side by side.

Leaning over to him a man standing next to Bob poked him in the ribs and asked with a heavy accent, “Who’s that in the balcony up there with Ken?”

In God’s eyes we are as important as the President, the Queen of England or the Pope.  Don’t believe it?  Get God on the line and ask Him!

“I will glorify your name forever.  For great is your love toward me.”  -Psalm 86:12-13