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Jul 152016

While on vacation some years ago I discovered our camping tent had a couple holes in it, but that really wasn’t a problem.  I knew I had an extra tarp I could throw over in case we saw rain coming.

Well, wouldn’t you know it, we were away from our tent site when a big down-pour decided to test our tent…and our patience.  What we found when we returned was not what we expected.  At the bottom of one end was a big rip along a seam.

At first the reason this happened escaped us.  As we talked, however, it finally dawned on us.

A pool of water had collected to one side of the roof that sagged a bit.  As the little pool grew it eventually weighed enough to put a significant strain on the bottom seam as it “pulled up” over our support pole.  It finally was too much and it tore, causing a big problem.  However, I am forever thankful that on the eighth day God created duct tape and bailing wire.  I used the duct tape as my temporary fix.

In many cases, whenever something sits in one place for too long it causes problems.  For instance, whenever a church member comes to church and only sits without getting involved this tends to cause a strain on the whole church.  Non-involvement leads to apathy, which leads to deadness, which leads to a critical spirit, which leads to…  Well, you get the picture.

On the other hand, when a person is actively involved in their church as an outgrowth of their close, growing relationship with Jesus, growth in Spirit and numbers usually results because love is shared, thus stagnation is avoided.

The point is, as the Holy Spirit is allowed to freely “flow” through a person’s life and the life of a church, there is less strain due to apathetic members and more is accomplished for the Kingdom of God.  People are saved, healed, delivered and loved on and a church more unified in their mission to lost and hurting people – something duct tape and bailing wire can’t do.

So, it would be wise to ask ourselves, “Am I merely a ‘sitter’ or a ‘doer’?”  (James 1:22)