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These values are basic to the fulfilling of the vision for ministry God has for us. Where our vision is more specific, these values are more general, but are woven throughout everything we are and do.


We value the Bible as God’s written, revealed truth and the catalyst for true life change. The Word of God is not some dead history book, but a living, powerful force more relevant than today’s newspaper. It is a miracle of authorship as God, through divine inspiration, used human beings to write His book for the ages. Throughout history God has used His written Word to change, transform, guide, deliver, inspire, shape, accomplish, encourage, motivate, correct, and reveal Himself to us. The Bible says about itself that it is eternal (Matthew 24:35), therefore we can rest assured of its relevancy and necessity for each of us. History has proven that any person who faithfully studies and diligently lives by the Bible will impact their relationships and their world for eternity.


We value prayer, alongside the Bible, as a main key to developing an intimate relationship with God. Christianity is more than a religion; it’s a relationship between an individual and the God of the Bible. Undoubtedly prayer has the power to change situations, even nations, but most importantly it changes us. In its most basic sense true, biblical prayer is a two-way conversation. So critical is prayer we are told to “pray continually” (1 Thessalonians 5:17), which we understand to be a continuous conversation that, normal pauses included, never really stops. Prayer is to be as much a part of our lifestyle as eating, sleeping, or breathing. Prayer is, at the same time, the most simple yet most important activity we can do. God is not so concerned about the words we use as He is about the attitude of the heart. Because of this God hears and answers the prayers of young children, educated, uneducated, rich, poor, men, women, elderly, blind, deaf, dumb, and the handicapped. Due to His great love God knows every prayer we pray, but it’s that same love that doesn’t always respond according to our limited understanding or expectation. The motive of true, life-changing, world-changing prayer is not so we get what we want, but that God gets what He wants.


We value the church, defined as God’s redeemed people, which He created to strengthen and encourage each other and spread His Word around the globe (Acts 1:8). Since ancient times we see God’s people working together in advancing His kingdom, but in New Testament times we see God forming and empowering the church by giving us His Holy Spirit. God was, in effect, saying “you need each other in order to be who I called you to be and accomplish the great plans I have for you and I’m with you all the way.” Church is not about doing a bunch of religious activities, it’s about doing life together. A true community shares joys and sorrows, victories and defeats, learns from one another, gives to one another, encourages, and helps us be accountable. The church is God’s instrument for advancing His kingdom. He has no “plan B.” It is the only biblical, God-ordained, legitimate setting for walking out our Christian faith. No long-term “lone ranger” can be a proper disciple of Jesus Christ. All who in fact desire to follow Christ must find their place in a church family and support it by their prayers, their presence, their gifts, and their service.


All Christians are called to be good “stewards” or managers of everything God has placed under our control. This includes our time, talents, and money. Financially speaking, in His Word God has established “tithes” and “offerings” as the means by which we: 1) demonstrate our trust in and love for God, and 2) financially support the on-going ministry of the local church. When you give to Grace Christian Fellowship, you are joining in our mission of reaching people and building lives. It’s important to understand as many people are reached for Jesus Christ and lives built on biblical foundations that it couldn’t happen without your generosity. When you give your tithe (10% of your income) you are acting in obedience to and worship of God thereby inviting His blessing in all areas of life. (Malachi 3:10