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May 222015

The irreplaceable role of the Father is being riddled today with the bullets of society’s convoluted philosophy.  What I mean is the traditional, biblical model of family consisting of one man married to one woman living with their children is being attacked as outdated and a person is even considered hateful and narrow-minded if they firmly hold to this.

As a pastor I clearly understand that people have problems in marriage, even Christians, and divorce happens for a myriad of reasons.  However, when the present secular culture attempts to redefine “marriage” and try to force this new, unbiblical model onto all of society then we’re in BIG trouble.

The purpose of this article is not to bring a scholarly argument for the biblical definition of marriage (though I could) but rather to emphasize the absolute importance of the role of the father in the family.

One man reports: “I remember visiting my middle son’s nursery school class, at the teacher’s request, so that I could observe a “problem child” in the class.  It so happened that I was sitting and observing a group of boys, including my son, who sat in a circle nearby.

“The conversation went like this:  CHILD A:  ‘My daddy is a doctor and he makes a lot of money and we have a swimming pool.’  CHILD B:  ‘My daddy is a lawyer and he flies to Washington and talks to the President.’   CHILD C:  ‘My daddy owns a company and we have our own airplane.’

“Then my son (with poise and confidence, of course):  ‘My daddy is here!’  with a proud look in my direction.”

Both mothers and fathers have been assigned, by God, very important roles in the family and both are critical in raising healthy children.  Now I strongly believe in God’s grace that makes up for our sincere mistakes, short-comings and sins if we’re willing to take advantage of it.  Nevertheless, in the case of the father, the role of head of his home cannot be underestimated.

God has designed the role of the father to help demonstrate what loving authority is all about but we can’t do it if we’re never around, or don’t take an active interest in our children’s lives or live before them so they can see what it means to be a Godly man…mistakes and all.

I believe it’s the perfect time to renew our commitment to being Godly husbands and fathers.  With Father’s Day coming up in June I might even recommend your whole family watch the movie “Courageous,” an excellent depiction of what it means to be a true Christian husband and father in the midst of personal struggles and life’s many obstacles.