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Feb 182015

Awhile ago I read about a man who heard about an Indian who lived in Mexico.  This particular Indian was said to have near perfect memory of the minutest details.

This man was skeptical so he approached the Indian and asked, “What did you have for breakfast on September 10, 1943?”

The Indian answered, “Eggs.”

The man was wary of being made a fool of, so he replied, “Everyone eats eggs for breakfast.  He’s a phony!”

Roughly thirteen years later the man happened to see the same Indian at a bus depot.  Wanting to greet his Indian acquaintance of long ago he walked up and said cheerfully, “How!”

The Indian answered, “Scrambled.”

Memory can be a wonderful thing.  God has created within our mind the capacity to remember things that our conscious mind many not recall but still has stored somewhere.

Memories can also be detrimental.  Some things we may try to forget because of the unpleasantness or even trauma of a particular event but we can’t seem to shake.  This is one reason the Bible strongly urges us to guard what we allow into our minds because everything that goes in affects us in some way.  In many cases there is a need for healing of memories.

However, do you want to know something great?  It has been said, in Scripture no less, that God has a bad memory.  That’s right! If we have repented and asked Jesus to forgive us of our sins, God has the ability to forget them.

“For I will forgive their wickedness and will remember their sins no more.”  -Jeremiah 31:34

Now, while God may remember every detail of your life, he has chosen to forget completely every sin you have committed that has been placed under the cleansing blood of Jesus when we come to him with a humble and repentant heart.

I like the story about the guy who came to God and prayed again for forgiveness for a sin he had committed a long time ago.  He was heard crying out, “Oh God, please, please forgive me for committing that awful sin. I feel so bad. I’m so sorry!”

And God replied, “What sin?”